EPPlus 7

New major version was released October 26, 2023

EPPlus 7 introduces the following new features.

Array formulas

EPPlus 7 has a new calculation engine that support dynamic array formulas and legacy array formulas. This is a feature that has been in high-demand by EPPlus users over the last years.

We have also made many other improvements to the calculation engine, which includes improved precision and performance.

Dynamic array formulas

Dynamic array formulas is a powerful feature that was introduced in Excel in 2018.

More on dynamic array formulas (Microsoft)

EPPlus now supports dynamic array formulas in calculations. This includes support for so called spill over and many new Excel functions that depends upon this functionality. You can also use EPPlus 7 to add/calculate new dynamic array formulas to a workbook.

EPPlus wiki - dynamic array formulas

Legacy arrayformulas

EPPlus now supports legacy array formulas in calculations. Legacy array formulas has existed in Excel for a long time and requires that the size of the output range is known when you enter the formula.

EPPlus wiki - legacy array formulas

New functions supported by EPPlus 7

We continously add support for new functions, in EPPlus 7 we have added over 90 new functions.

New functions in EPPlus 7

See the full list of supported functions in our developer wiki .

Conditional formatting

Improved performance and better support for cross-worksheet references. Support for databars and iconsets has also been improved.

Conditional formatting improvements

For more details, see our developer wiki .

New Take and Skip methods for worksheet ranges

A new set of methods that makes it easier to access specific rows/columns in a range. These methods are, for example, useful when working with charts, tables and the output of dynamic array formulas.

// newRange will be B3:C8
var newRange = worksheet.Cells["A1:G8"]
New Take- and Skip-methods

EPPlus wiki - Take and Skip methods

New sample projects

We have created new sample projects, added new samples and improved the folder structure. There is one project for C# and one for VB.NET

EPPlus.Samples.CSharp EPPlus.Samples.VB

Version 7.1

Version 7.1 was released on March 28, 2024.

  • HtmlExport - EPPlus now includes conditional formats (not yet icon sets and databars).
  • Performance improvements on Rich Text.
  • LoadFromCollection - Add number formats to columns of the imported range in runtime. Improvements on column sort orders.

Q & A

When was this major version released?
EPPlus 7.0.0 was released on October 26, 2023. Version 7.1.0 was released on March 28, 2024.
If I have a commercial license for EPPlus 5/6, can I upgrade to EPPlus 7 under my existing license?
Yes, if your license still is active/valid.
How do I upgrade from previous versions to EPPlus 7?
See these three pages in our developer wiki: