EPPlus 5/6

Features and technical overview

Change log/version history

Version 6.0.6

Released: 2022-07-08, Github release

  • Fixed an error in Positioning and sizing of form controls introduced in 5.8.12.
  • Pivot table styles in template workbooks sometimes corrupts the new workbook.
  • Spaces were not preserved in rich text in drawing objects.
  • Defined names referencing external reference sometimes loaded incorrectly.
  • Drawing.ChangeCellAnchor causes a corrupt package in some cases

Version 5.8.12

Released: 2022-07-08, Github release

  • Fixed an error in Positioning and sizing of form controls introduced in 5.8.12.
  • Pivot table styles in template workbooks sometimes corrupts the new workbook.
  • Spaces were not preserved in rich text in drawing objects.
  • Defined names referencing external reference sometimes loaded incorrectly.

Version 6.0.5

Released: 2022-06-10, Github release

  • VBA code modules with LF only as EOL, causes code module to load incorrectly.
  • INDIRECT function did not always set the correct data type when returning a single cell.
  • Clearing ranges with threaded comments caused an exception.
  • Copying drawings with hyperlinks failed.
  • Improves insert/delete performance when working with drawings.
  • Insert row caused images to change size in some cases when having two anchored drawings.
  • Improved handling of percentage values in strings in formula calculation.
  • Custom index colors are now loaded from the styles.xml, thanks to Raboud.
  • Fix to get the app0 header length correct for internal jpg reader for the internal image reader.
  • Images in the header row was not correctly rendered in the HTML export for ranges.
  • Upgraded .NET 4.5.2 to 4.6.2, as 4.5.2 has reached End of Support

Version 5.8.11

Released: 2022-06-10, Github release

  • VBA code modules with LF only as EOL, causes code module to load incorrectly.
  • INDIRECT function did not always set the correct data type when returning a single cell.
  • Clearing ranges with threaded comments caused an exception.
  • Copying drawings with hyperlinks failed.
  • Improves insert/delete performance when working with drawings.
  • Insert row caused images to change size in some cases when having two anchored drawings.
  • Improved handling of percentage values in strings in formula calculation.

Version 6.0.4

Released: 2022-05-12, Github release

Fixed issues
  • The HTML export of ranges sometimes rendered styles in merged cells incorrectly
  • Improved handling of circular references for SUMIF and COUNTIF
  • Memory optimization reading directly from the zip stream, when reading the worksheet xml, allowing unexteracted parts larger than 2GB.
  • Hyperlinks in cells added with 'Display' is null will now use the formatted cell value as text for in workbook links.
  • Remove invalid attribute TopLeftCell on the Selection element for splited/freezed worksheets.
  • Fixed an issue in the unziping of packages using ZIP64 file headers and data descriptors
  • Fix for removing rows from ExcelTable with options ShowHeader set to false.
  • Improved handling of workbook- and worksheet-names when loaded from file with a relative address
  • Box and Whisker chart series failed when copied to a new worksheet.

Version 5.8.10

Released: 2022-05-12, Github release

Fixed issues
  • Hyperlinks in cells added with 'Display' is null, will now use the formatted cell value as text for in workbook links.
  • Remove invalid attribute TopLeftCell on the Selection element for splited/freezed worksheets.
  • Fixed an issue in the unziping of packages using ZIP64 file headers and data descriptors
  • Fix for removing rows from ExcelTable with options ShowHeader set to false.
  • Improved handling of workbook- and worksheet-names when loaded from file with a relative address
  • Box and Whisker chart series failed when copied to a new worksheet.

Version 6.0.3

Released: 2022-04-12, Github release

  • Html Export
  • Json Export
  • Removed direct reference to System.Drawing.Common.See Breaking Changes
  • 32 new functions
    • BETA.INV
    • CHIINV
    • CORREL
    • FISHER
    • GAUSS
    • KURT
    • PHI
    • RSQ
    • SKEW
    • SKEW.P
Minor Features
  • Breaking Change: Static class 'FontSize' has splitted width and heights into two dictionaries. FontSizes are lazy-loaded when needed.
  • New ExcelRangeBase.GetCellValue method
  • New overload for ExcelRangeBase.LoadFromDictionaries method with IEnumerable.
  • Added Datatypes and Culture to LoadFromDictionariesParams. This is the settings for the ExcelRangeBase.ExcelRangeBase.LoadFromDictionaries.
  • Added ExcelRichTextCollection.HtmlText and ExcelRichText.HtmlText property.
  • Added new parameter to ExcelAutoFilter.ApplyFilter to calculate formulas for the filter range.

Version 5.8.9

Released: 2022-04-11, Github release

  • Fixed issue with start_num parameter for functions FIND and SEARCH
  • Pivot table slicers in a template sometimes caused a corrupt workbook on save
  • Pivot table fields that had subtotals and null values in shared cache items caused the package to fail on load in some cases.
  • Having the value set to 0(zero) and the number format to date or time returned the format instead of the formatted value.
  • DeleteColumn caused the worksheet to expands to the maximum column properties extended to the last column (XFD).
  • The UPPER and LOWER functions did not handle empty cell values correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in ExpressionEvaluator when evaluating empty string criterias.
  • Fixed issue where members with complex classes and attributes caused LoadFromCollection to crash.

Version 5.8.8

Released: 2022-03-22, Github release

Fixed issues
  • Removed unnecessary Nuget references to packages already included in the targeting frameworks.
  • Fixed calculation issue when ExcelPackage.Compatibility.IsWorksheets1Based is set to true

Version 5.8.7

Released: 2022-03-01, Github release

  • LoadAsync(FileInfo) and LoadAsync(string) did not close the file stream.
  • Hyperlinks referencing the same relation fails to load the package.
  • Monochromatic chart color schemes gave the wrong tint/shade for multiple series.
  • Added missing property 'JustifyLastLine' to ExcelStyle and ExcelXfsXml. Collapsed do not set Hidden on columns when set to true.
  • Improved handling of defined names in range addresses in formula calc, for example SUM("MyRange1:MyRange2")
  • Escaped double quotes did not work properly for shared formulas in formula calc.
  • Table.AddRow did not adjust Conditional Formatting and Data Validation.
  • Support for numeric criteria with operators in MINIFS/MAXIFS functions.
  • ExcelWorksheet.ClearFormulas method throw a NullReferenceException if ExcelWorksheet.Dimension was null.

Version 5.8.6

Released: 2022-02-03, Github release

  • Rounding functions now returns 0 when referencing empty cells
  • Copying elements in vml files caused attributes to lose there name space and create a duplicate.
  • Removed most fonts from the FontSize class and lazy-load them when needed to avoid memory spikes.
  • Pie chart with horizontal serie direction did not use different colors when the VaryColors property was set.
  • ExcelWorksheet.Dimension didn't correctly determine sheet dimension if data resides on last excel row.
  • Hyperlinks referencing multiple cells was only loaded for the first cells in a range.
  • Improve SUBTOTAL handling of cells hidden by filters.

Version 5.8.5

Released: 2022-01-13, Github release

Minor Features.
  • LoadFromCollection with attribute - Added EPPlusTableColumnSortOrder which enables column sort order on class level.
Fixed issues
  • ExcelDrawings.AddBarChart method for pivot charts had the wrong signature.
  • Formula calculation adjusted to Excels behaviour regarding when 0 is returned instead of null. Thanks to Colby Hearn for the PR.
  • The ExcelRange.Clear method did not remove threaded comments.
  • Setting ExcelRange.Value to null only sets the value of the top-left cell.
  • Fixed an issue with pivot cache fields having an empty header in the source when updating the cache.
  • Pivot field cache containing float and null values caused a corrupt workbook.
  • EPPlus could not open workbooks without a normal style
  • SUMIF cannot handle single value, bug fix via Colby Hearn's PR 570. Invalid handling of numeric strings in COUNTIF, COUNTIFS and AVERAGEIF
  • MINIFS and MAXIFS now return zero when there are no matches.
  • Added support for setting LicenseContext using a process level environment variable.

Version 5.8.4

Released: 2021-12-14, Github release

  • 6 new functions:
    • NORM.INV
    • NORM.S.INV
Fixed issues
  • Default behaviour of SUM, AVERAGE, AVERAGEA, MEDIAN, LARGE, SMALL and PRODUCT functions did not handle cells with errors correctly
  • Fixed load/save of .xlsm files not having an vbaproject.bin in the package.
  • EPPlus threw an exception when handling extlist logic for space separated data validations.
  • IntParser (formula calc.) could not handle boolean values
  • Copy of comments within the same worksheet caused an ArgumentException when loading the workbook again.
  • Range.Copy of conditional formattings with multiple addresses did not work.
  • Changed Uri reference handling to avoid relative references to the root.

Version 5.8.3

Released: 2021-11-19, Github release

Fixed issues
  • Inserting rows into a worksheet sometimes didn't update addresses on workbook defined names.
  • Overlapping data validation addresses was validated on save which cause workbooks containing such not to be saved.
  • Failed to copy cells when data validations or conditional formatting was set.
  • COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS and SUMIFS fails with single cell ranges.
  • Packages with VBA project with a component reference with encoded characters causes the saved package to become corrupt.
  • It was not possible to specify legend entry properties for items from secondary y-axis.

Version 5.8.2

Released: 2021-10-29, Github release

Fixed issues
  • Range.Text returned the wrong value for format #.##0"*";(#.##0)"*" on negative values
  • LoadFromCollection re-ordered the columns when no order was specified and and the item had more than 16 columns.
  • Adding an Unchecked CheckBox Control Created Invalid XLSX File

Version 5.8.1

Released: 2021-10-26, Github release

Fixed issues & minor features
  • Support for complex types in LoadFromCollection with attributes.
  • Fixed a bug where ExcelFunction.ArgToDecimal rethrow other error types as #VALUE.
  • Improved handling of decimals in Concat operations during calculation.
  • High-Low lines / Up-Down bars and Droplines were not loaded from an existing package.
  • Removed validation for negative values in conditional formatting priority, as negative values should be allowed

Version 5.8.0

Released: 2021-10-21, Github release

  • ExcelWorksheetView.SplitPanes method added
  • ExcelRangeBase Fill method added
    • FillNumber
    • FillDateTime
    • FillList
  • New collection properties for Rows and Columns
    • ExcelWorksheet.Rows
    • ExcelWorksheet.Columns
    • ExcelRangeBase.EntireRow
    • ExcelRangeBase.EntireColum
  • Support for formatting and deleting individual Chart Legend Entries.
  • Range.Copy improvments.
  • Handle complex types in LoadFromCollection with attributes
  • The ExcelPackage constructor and the Load/Save methods will now take a string path argument as well as a FileInfo.
Fixed issues
  • Renaming table to a name which contains the old name doesn't correctly update column references
  • Range.Text did not handle empty formats like ;;; correctly.
  • Range.Text - Strings within a format with percent, 0"%", incorrectly divides by 100
  • VBA module names that started with a underscore (_) caused the ExcelWorksheet.Copy method to fail.
  • Using range.RichText.Remove did not reflect the text to Range.Text.
  • Adding a column to table with one column did not add the column.
  • ExcelRangeBase.SaveToText did not add TextQualifiers around a formatted numeric value containing the column separator.
  • Deleting cells sometimes didn't delete comments.
  • Improved handling of ranges as return values from functions in the formula calculation.

Version 5.7.5

Released: 2021-09-21, Github release

Fixed issues
  • ExcelTable.CalculatedColumnFormula were not updated when inserting/deleting rows and columns.
  • Copying a worksheet- or adding a VBA module- with a name starting with a number caused the macro-enabled workbook to be corrupt.
  • LoadFromCollection with attributes didn't create a table if TableStyle was none.
  • Fixed LEN functions incorrect handling of cached addresses.
  • Fixed handling of worksheet names with escaped single quotes in the formula parser.
  • ExcelPicture.SetSize sets an incorrect width when having a non-default dpi on an image.
  • ExcelColumn.ColumnMax was not correctly set when deleting a column within a column span.
  • Updating a pivot cache share among multiple pivot tables did not update/remove fields if the source range fields had been altered.
  • Clearing or overwriting a cell in a shared formula range did not work correctly.
  • Formulas in conditional formatting and data validations were not updated when inserting and deleting rows and columns.
  • When deleting columns, defined names were not always correctly updated.
  • ExpressionEvaluator could not handle a leading equal operator in combination with wildcards

Version 5.7.3

Released: 2021-08-10, Github release

Fixed issues & minor features
  • Add static methods to ExcelEncryption to encrypt and decrypt raw packages
    • ExcelEncryption.EncryptPackage
    • ExcelEncryption.DecryptPackage
  • Conditional formatting lost some styles and added hair borders to empty border elements.
  • COUNTBLANK and other functions using the ExpressionEvaluator don't handle time values correctly.
  • COUNTBLANK does not handle cached addresses correctly.
  • LoadFromText and SaveToTest did not work correctly with apostrophes.
  • Changing the font of the normal style and then create a new named style did not inherit the font correctly.
  • Data validations were shifted down instead of right when inserting cells into a range
  • Comments and threaded comments were not shifted correctly to the right when inserting cells.
  • EPPlus will now throw an exception if merging a range that overlaps a table.

Version 5.7.2

Released: 2021-07-22, Github release

Fixed issues
  • Pivot cache fields that contains both int's and float's corrupts the pivot cache.
  • Added new methods to themes major- and minor- font collection - SetLatinFont, SetComplexFont, SetEastAsianFont, Remove and RemoveAt.
  • Null or non existing external references to images on picture objects causes save to crash.
  • VBA projects with the "dir" stream containing the unhandled value 0x4a, caused the workbook to become corrupt.
  • Defined names with prefix and external reference throw a NullReference on load.

Version 5.7.1

Released: 2021-07-06, Github release

Fixed issues
  • Using a number format with AM/PM resulted in an output of AM or PM only.
  • Validation of data validations throw an exception when Formula1 is empty even if AllowBlank was set to true
  • Table behavior is incorrect when inserting rows if another table is below.
  • Table calculated columns don't update the formula for added rows.
  • Added cache for texts/fonts in AutoFitColumns, thanks to Simendsjo
  • Setting Range.IsRichText on ranges with more than one cell did not work correctly.
  • Loading packages with external references that didn't have a valid Uri failed on load.
  • A value of null in a cell returned "0" in the Text property.

Version 5.7.0

Released: 2021-06-22, Github release

  • External links
    • Adding, removing and break links to external workbooks.
    • Updating external workbook value/defined name caches.
    • Using external workbook caches in the formula parser.
    • Using loaded external packages (workbooks) in the formula parser.
  • Enhanced sorting
    • Pivot table auto sort - Sort on data fields using pivot areas.
    • Sort state in tables and auto filters.
    • Left-to-right sorting and sorting with custom lists.
  • Support for Show Data As on pivot table data fields
Fixed issues
  • Support for ErrorBars on both X and Y axis on scatter, bubble and area charts.
  • Copying a worksheet to a new package fails with named styles in some cases.
  • When having multiple identical named styles (with the same styles set) only the first is copied.
  • Handling of DBNull.Value in LoadFromDataTable function now works as expected.
  • Added HideDropDown property to Data validation of type list.
  • Added better exception messages for access to a package that has been disposed.
  • Handling drawing objects had a concurrency when the size and position were asjusted.
  • Pivot table caches with numeric/int and null values got corrupt due to an incorrect value on the containsMixedTypes attribute.

Version 5.6.4

Released: 2021-05-12, Github release

Fixed issues
  • Setting TableColumn.CalculatedColumnFormula doesn't set the formula correctly on the range.
  • SUMIF function could not handle arrays or ranges of criteria.
  • Fixed a bug in the Tokenizer where arrays of strings did not work properly.
  • Comments were removed from cells when the IsRichText flag was set.
  • AutoFitColumns did not calculate the font widths correctly for unknown font sizes.
  • AutoFitColumns did not take DPI settings into account.
  • Some styles did not get applied in Libre Office do to missing apply attributes on the style.
  • Merged cells could set duplicate ranges causing the workbook to be corrupt.
  • Vml documents containg unclosed <BR> tags failed to load.

Version 5.6.3

Released: 2021-04-16, Github release

Fixed issues
  • Changing the Normal style does not reflect correctly to cells with no style.
  • Formula calculation does not ignore nested SUBTOTAL values when more than one level.
  • Reading a workbook with a pivot table slicer can cause the document to be corrupt on save
  • Invalid handling in the RowHeightCache for resizing drawings caused KeyNotFoundException in some cases.
  • Reverted Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Json for .NET standard 2.0 to 2.1.1 for support with ASP.NET Mvc Core 2.1
  • The calculation DependencyChain caused an unhandled exception with workbook defined names and when having references to deleted worksheets.

Version 5.6.2

Released: 2021-04-07, Github release

Fixed issues
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown if Data Validation formula length exceeds 255 characters due to added xlfn/xlws prefixes.
  • Pivot tables with row/column fields of an enum type corrupted the pivot cache.
  • Reading conditional formatting from a workbook causes fonts and number formats to clear
  • Custom data validation could not handle formula reference to other worksheet.
  • Normal build in style causes corruption when a style named Normal exists.
  • Optimize handling of image sizing and positioning on save and resizing.
  • Exception on copying worksheet with a chart that has no valid X Series.
  • Match function could not handle named ranges in the range argument.
  • Preserve table names when copying worksheet to a new workbook.
  • Number formats with localization did not set the culture code correctly.

Version 5.6.1

Released: 2021-03-23, Github release

Fixed issues & minor features
  • Styles xml could get corrupt in some cases as the numFmt dxf element was created in the wrong order according to the schema.
  • Merged cells could get index out of range if deleting a merged area.
  • LoadFromCollection will now set the cell's Hyperlink property for class members of type Uri or ExcelHyperlink.
  • EPPlus will now preserve the 'aca' and 'ca' attributes for array formulas.
  • ExcelRange.Formula and ExcelRange.FormulaR1C1 didn't return a value for array formulas except for the first cell in the range.
  • Defined names containing #REF

throw an exception when copying a worksheet.

  • Worksheet.FirstSheet property was set to the first sheet visible, if worksheet with position 0 was hidden.

Version 5.6.0

Released: 2021-03-15

  • Custom table styles.
    • Create and modify names table styles that can be applied to tables and pivot tables.
    • Create and modify named slicer styles
  • Pivot table styling using pivot areas.
  • Enhanced table styling
  • Added three new style properties to the ExcelTable and ExcelTableColumn
    • HeaderRowStyle
    • DataStyle
    • TotalsRowStyle

Version 5.5.5

Released: 2021-02-23

Fixed issues
  • Dependency chain sometimes drops refererences when cross-worksheet addresses are used with defined names in the formula parser.
  • ExcelWorksheetView ShowHeaders had an incorrect default value causing it not to work.
  • Fixed issue when EPPlus crashes on load if a pivot table uses an external source.
  • EPPlus will now preserve the 'cm' and 'vm' attributes of the sheet xml - 'c' element

Version 5.5.4

Released: 2021-02-16

Fixed issues
  • Formula calculation returns 0 in some cases when Excel returns null/empty in for example the MIN and MAX functions
  • Fixed a bug in SUMIFS function that occured with more than 3 criterias
  • The INDEX function could not handle that the range covered the cell containing the formula.
  • AutoFilter.ShowButton property did not work.
  • Number format "(#,##0)" got incorrectly formatted with a "-" prefix in the ExcelRange.Text property.
  • Load using some CultureInfo did not work properly due to different StringComparation behavior.

Version 5.5.3

Released: 2021-02-03

Fixed issues
  • Min and Max could not handle empty ranges. They now returns 0 like Excel does if the range is empty.
  • Added fallback for encoding of unknown unicode characters when saving shared strings. Thanks to SamSaint.
  • ExcelTableColumnCollection.Insert used an invalid key when creating the name dictionary. Thanks Meigyoku-Thmn
  • Fixed ' object reference not set to an instance of an object ' if a middle column cell is null in the ToDataTable method. Thanks to Mengfw
  • Added support for handling multiple colons in addresses, e.g. a1:a5:b3
  • Fixed handling of the tilde(~) char in WildcardValueMatcher when not being an escape character. Used by If functions.
  • Setting styles over empty columns caused cell to be removed in some cases.
  • Having pivot table shared items with both null and empty string causes an exception on load.
  • Defined names referencing non-existing worksheets caused crash on load.
  • Exposed static method RecyclableMemory.SetRecyclableMemoryStreamManager. Thanks to LIFEfreedom.

Version 5.5.2

Released: 2021-01-18

Fixed issues
  • Fixed a bug in ExpressionEvaluator that caused search criteria's starting with a wildcard character to cause an Exception.
  • Setting cell value via an array overwriting rich text causes invalid cell content.
  • Removed invalid handling of defined names on load if the name contained a link to an external workbook.
  • Dependency chain referenced the wrong worksheet in some cases when a formula had off-sheet references when checking for circular references.
  • Table headers with rich text caused corrupt workbook.
  • Fixed error handling and handling of single cell addresses in COUNTIFS function
  • Downgraded .NET 5 referenced packages for .NET standard 2.0 and 2.1 build.

Version 5.5.1

Released: 2021-01-12

  • 10 new functions:
    • DEVSQ
    • AVEDEV
    • GAMMA
    • DB
    • SHEET
Fixed issues
  • LoadFromCollection thrown an exception if collection was empty and PrintHeaders was false
  • Adding controls after an table was added caused an corrupt workbook.
  • PrecisionAndRoundingStrategy.Excel doesn't work in range -1 to 1
  • EPPlus no longer validate defined names on load.
  • Setting the IsRichText property to true don't convert the value to Rich text properly.
  • Xml formatting issue on Saving DrawingXml. Thanks to ZaL133 for pull request.

Version 5.5.0

Released: 2020-12-18

  • Form Controls
    • Buttons
    • Drop-Downs
    • List Boxes
    • Check Boxes
    • Radio Buttons
    • Spin Buttons
    • Scroll Bars
    • Labels
    • Group Boxes
  • Group/Ungroup drawing object via the ExcelDrawing.Group and ExcelDrawing.Ungroup methods
  • New attribute support for LoadFromCollection. See https://github.com/EPPlusSoftware/EPPlus/wiki/LoadFromCollection-using-Attributes
  • 20 new functions
    • STDEVA
    • VARA
    • VARPA
    • COVAR
    • RANK
    • DOLLAR
    • PERMUT
    • XOR
Fixed issues & minor fixes
  • Round methods can now use only 15 sigificant figures with calculation option - PrecisionAndRoundingStrategy
  • R1C1 causes corrupt worksheet if used as shared formula with off-sheet reference.
  • Using double qoutes in R1C1 didn't encode correctly.
  • Altering fields on a table connected to a pivot table causes the pivot table to become corrupt.
  • Pivot tables with a boolean column and a filter got corrupt on save.
  • Deleting a worksheet and adding it again with the same name causes a crash on save if the worksheet is referenced by a pivot table. This happends due to the SourceRange property still referencing the deleted worksheet.
  • Changed ExcelAddressBase.FullName to public
  • Reference table name only in indirect formula did not work.
  • Replaced MemoryStrem internally with Microsoft.IO.RecyclableMemoryStream. Thanks to LIFEfreedom.
  • Referencing a single cell with rich text from a formula returned an invalid value.
  • Reverted .NET 5.0 references for .NET standard 2.0 and 2.1, to be compatible with Azure Functions.

Version 5.4.2

Released: 2020-11-19

Fixed issues
  • .NET 5.0 to Nuget package.
  • Deselecting pivot table items did not work for null values in some cases
  • Deleting a worksheet containing a pivot table was not properly cleaned.
  • Save crashed if a pivot tables shared items had the same string value with different case.
  • Reading Hyperlinks in the format #'sheet'

A1 will now work.

  • Fixed an issue with some table properties overwiting other table properties
  • Fixed an issue with Range.SaveToText hanging with the FileInfo overload
  • ExcelShape.SetFromFont did not set fonts correctly
  • Inserting more than 32K rows at once did not work.
  • Worksheets with gaps of more than 32K rows causes invalid values to be returned in some cases.

Version 5.4.1

Released: 2020-11-05

Minor new features
  • WriteProtection added to Workbook.Protection. Allows to set a workbook to read-only with a password.
  • ToDataTable method added to ExcelRange
Fixed issues
  • Worksheet names starting with R1C1 format creates invalid addresses
  • Row array in pages in the cell store caused an index out of bounds exception in rare cases.
  • Setting a shared formula with an external reference causes the workbook to become corrupt in some Excel versions
  • A Pivot table get corrupt if a TimeSpan is used in a column that needs shared items in the cache.
  • Cell.Text returns an incorrect text when formatted #,##0;#,##0;- and value is rounded to zero.
  • Delete Table With ExcelTableCollection.Delete() did not remove the xml in the package causing the table not to be deleted.
  • Pivot tables with 'Save source data with file' caused an exception.
  • Signing VbaProject under .NET core did not work correcly.

Version 5.4.0

Released: 2020-10-08

  • Pivot tables filters
    • Item filters - Filters on individual items in row/column or page fields.
    • Caption filters (label filters) - Filters for text on row and column fields.
    • Date, numeric and string filters - Filters using various operators such as Equals, NotBetween, GreaterThan, etc.
    • Top 10 filters - Filters using top or bottom criterias for percent, count or value.
    • Dynamic filters - Filters using various date- and average criterias.
  • Add calculated fields to pivot tables.
  • Support for pivot table shared caches via the new overload for PivotTables.Add.
  • Support for pivot table slicers
  • Support for table slicers
Minor new features
  • Number format property has been added to pivot fields and pivot cache fields.
  • Added PivotTableStyle property and enum for easier setting all pivot table styles
Fixed issues
  • Chart series indexes got corrupt when removing and adding series in some cases.
  • Inheriting cells styling from column to cell did not work correctly in some cases.

Version 5.3.2

Released: 2020-09-14

Fixed issues
  • Workbook got corrupt on copy if a worksheet VBA Code module was null.
  • Setting chart series color settings to WithinLinear caused an exception in some cases.
  • LoadFromCollection did not load all members as in previous version when suppling binding flags and MemberInfo's.
  • If first worksheet(s) are hidden in the worksheet collection, print preview crashed in Excel.
  • Worksheet Move methods failed with a crash in some cases.

Version 5.3.1

Released: 2020-09-02

  • Added support for copying threaded comments
  • Add FormulaParserManager.Parse method.
Fixed issues
  • Formulas and formula values did not encode characters below 0x1F correctly
  • ExcelPackage.LoadAsync did not work with non seekable streams
  • A chart that reference within its own worksheet will now change the worksheet in the series addresses for any copy made with the Worksheets.Add method
  • ExcelRange.ToText method did not work correctly with rich text cells.

Version 5.3.0

Released: 2020-08-20

  • Support for threaded comments with mentions. See https://github.com/EPPlusSoftware/EPPlus/wiki/Threaded-comments
  • Support for two new functions:
Fixed issues
  • Removed the extra comman added to the end of the header row in the ExcelRange.ToText method.
  • The abstract class ExcelChart missed the properties DisplayBlankAs, RoundedCorners, ShowDataLabelsOverMaximum, ShowHiddenData after the version 5.2 update. The properties have been moved back again.
  • ExcelColorXml.Indexed returned 0 if was not set, causing the LookupColor method to return an incorrect color.

Version 5.2.1

Released: 2020-07-22

  • New method ExcelRange.LoadFromDictionary.
  • Support for Dynamics in ExcelRange.LoadFromCollection (ExpandoObject).
  • New Lambda config parameter to ExcelRange.LoadFromCollection with new options for header parsing (for example: UnderscoreToSpace, CamelCaseToSpace)
  • Zip64 support in packaging to enable larger packages.
Fixed issues
  • Wildcards in MATCH function not working
  • Performance issue in ExpressionEvaluator.GetNonAlphanumericStar
  • Using the sheet name to reference the entire worksheet did not work in formulas.
  • GetAsByteArray corrupted the package if ExcelPackage.Save was called before.
  • Parsing issue in the Value function

Version 5.2.0

Released: 2020-06-24

  • Support for extended chart types and Stock charts:
    • Four types of stock charts: High-Low-Close, Open-High-Low-Close, Volume-High-Low-Close and Volume-Open-High-Low-Close
    • Sunburst Chart
    • Treemap Chart
    • Histogram Chart
    • Pareto Chart
    • Funnel Chart
    • Waterfall Chart
    • Box & Whisker Chart
    • Region Map Chart
  • Support for 49 new functions:
  • DDB
  • DISC
  • ERF
  • ERFC
  • FV
  • IPMT
  • IRR
  • MIRR
  • MODE
  • NPER
  • NPV
  • PPMT
  • PV
  • RATE
  • RRI
  • SLN
  • SYD
  • VAR.P
  • VAR.S
  • XIRR
  • XNPV
  • Four new properties to Style.Font
    • Charset
    • Condense
    • Extend
    • Shadow
  • Added * New `As` property to the Drawing, ConditionalFormatting and DataValidation objects for easier type cast. For example `var sunburstChart

worksheet.Drawings[0].As.Chart.SunburstChart;` or `var listDv


  • OFFSET function calculation can now be a part of a range in formula calculation. For example `SUM(A1:OFFSET(A3, -2, 0))`
  • Added ShowColumnHeaders, ShowColumnStripes, ShowRowHeaders, ShowRowStripes and ShowLastColumn properties to ExcelPivotTable
Fixed issues
  • Ignore a leading "_xlfn." in function names when calculating formulas.
  • Only the fist paragraph was loaded when the RichText property was loaded from the XML.
  • VerticalAlign property did not delete the XmlNode properly when set to None.
  • A named style with a missing fontid crashed on load.
  • Deleting a worksheet in a macro enabled workbook causes a NullReferenceException.

Version 5.1.2

Released: 2020-05-13

  • Added ClearFormulas and ClearFormulaValues to Range, Worksheet and Workbook. ClearFormulas removes all formulas, ClearFormulaValues removes all previously calculated/cached values.
  • Added support for 19 new engineering functions:
    • DELTA
    • BIN2DEC
    • BIN2HEX
    • BIN2OCT
    • DEC2BIN
    • DEC2HEX
    • DEC2OCT
    • HEX2BIN
    • HEX2DEC
    • HEX2OCT
    • OCT2BIN
    • OCT2DEC
    • OCT2HEX
    • BITAND
    • BITOR
    • BITXOR
Fixed issues
  • Delete method adjusted row offset on drawings incorrectly.
  • When copying a worksheet with images to an other package did not work correctly in some cases.
  • Datavalidation addresses did not update correctly when deleting columns.
  • Opening a packages saved with System.IO.Compression caused a corrupted package on save.
  • Added a check to the ExcelPackage Construcors if the FileInfo exists and is zero-byte. Supplying a zero-byte file will now create a new package. Supplying a zero-byte template will throw an exception.
  • Fixed scaling for pictures. Changed data type for internal pixel variables from int to double.
  • Delete/Insert din't handle comma separated addresses in data validation / conditional formatting
  • ColumnMin and ColumnMax were not correctly updated when one or more columns were deleted.

Version 5.1.1

Released: 2020-04-27

  • Added method RemoveVBAProject to ExcelWorkbook.
Fixed issues
  • CalculatedColumnFormula property was set to the range on save, overwriting any cell value that was changed in the range of the formula.
  • VbaProject. Remove didn't fully remove the VBA project.
  • LoadFromCollection didn't work will List<object>.
  • Group shapes containg shapes with the same name throw exception.
  • Worksheets with a large amount of columns had bad performance on save.

Version 5.1.0

Released: 2020-04-07

  • Insert and Delete method added to ExcelRange. Cells will be shifted depending on the argument supplied.
  • AddRow, InsertRow and DeleteRow added to ExcelTable.
  • Add, Insert and Delete added To ExcelTableColumnCollection.
  • Added support for new functions:
    • COMBIN
    • SEC
    • SECH
    • CSC
    • CSCH
    • COT
    • COTH
    • ACOT
    • ACOTH
    • ROMAN
    • GCD
    • LCM
    • MROUND
    • SUMXMY2
    • SUMX2MY2
    • SUMX2PY2
Fixed issues
  • Images added with AddImage(Image) did not use the oneCellAnchore element.
  • ExcelPackage.CopyStreamAsync did not fully use async (Flush-->FlushAsync), causing an exception.
  • VBA module names restricts some allowed characters.
  • Shared Formulas are not handled correctly when an address argument reference another worksheet.
  • Adding a Sparklinegroup does not add it to the SparklineGroups collection.
  • Files saved in LibreOffice did not handle boolean properties correctly for rows and columns, (for example the hidden property).
  • Data validation - List validation did not set the ShowErrorMessage when an address referenced another worksheet.
  • Addresses with style: 'sheet'


A2 was not handled correctly.

Version 5.0.4

Released: 2020-03-10

Fixed issues
  • Datavalidation on lists failed if the formula was an defined name.
  • Merged cells got cleared if a value was set over multiple cells
  • RichText causes xml "corruption" if a blank string or null was added to the collection.

Version 5.0.3

Released: 2020-03-08

Minor new features
  • Chart series will from version 5 handles both addresses and arrays. Arrays are handled in the StringLiteralsX, NumberLiteralsX and NumberLiteralsY arrays when a series is set to an Array ( for example {1,2,3} ).
  • Add support for BringToFront and SendToBack methods on the Drawings Collection to handle drawing overlap.
  • Add TopLeftCell to ExcelWorksheetView
  • Enabled Style.TextRotation

255 for Vertical Text in cells. Added new method ExcelStyle.SetTextVertical.

  • Add Pivot property to conditional formatting, to indicate a pivot source.
  • RichText on drawings can now handle paragraphs to get line breaks. Add method has new parameter NewParagraph.
  • Table source overload to PivotTable.Add method
  • 13 new functions supported in the Formula calculation engine: IFS, SWITCH, WORKDAY.INTL, TYPE, ODD, EVEN, DAYS, NUMBERVALUE, UNICHAR, UNICODE, CLEAN, TRIM and CONCAT
General fixes
  • Cellstore has been rewritten. This should fix some issues with inserting and deleting rows and columns. Also fixes a sorting issue.
  • Fixed SchemaNodeOrder in many drawing classes.
  • Handling of circular references has been redesigned.
Fixed issues
  • Worksheet.Hidden does not always hide the worksheet.
  • Drawings will now move and size when inserting/deleting rows/columns depending on the ExcelDrawing.EditAs property.
  • Adding a Table caused an exception if a chart sheet existed in the workbook.
  • Adding a PivotTable caused an exception if a chart sheet existed in the workbook.
  • Custom document properties are case insensitive.
  • Sheet with rich text inline string can not handle whitespaces only.
  • StackOverflowException when calling Clear on a comma separated Range.
  • ExcelWorksheet.Copy corrupts package if a relationship to drawing.xml with no drawings exists.
  • Copying formulas in ranges can lead to invalid #REF

for fixed addresses.

  • Table column names are validated for duplicates on a non-encoded value
  • Packages with a prefix for the main xml namespace for a worksheet gets corrupted.
  • ExcelRangeBase.AutofitColumns() unhides hidden columns
  • The Normal style does not work correctly if not named Normal. The Normal style is now found using the first occurrance of the BuildInId

0 criteria.

  • URI for the sharedstrings and the styles part were not fetched by RelationshipType when a package was loaded.
  • Setting a cell value to a char datatype will result i "0" when saved
  • Structs in a cell value can result in a null value when converted to string on save
  • Conditional formatting styles crashed when copying a worksheet from another package.
  • EPPlus crashes on load if a workbook or worksheet has more than one defined name with the same name.
  • Row styles were not copied correctly copied when inserting rows
  • Overwriting a shared formulas first cell causes a crash.
  • Workbooks with Empty series for Scatter- and Doughnut- charts crashes on load
  • FileStream for compound documents are not closed.
  • If CustomSheetView element contained row/column breaks, the package could not be loaded.
  • Pivot tables crashed if SubTotalFunction were set to eSubTotalFunctions.None and there were no values in the source data.
  • Data validations of type list don't support formula references to other worksheets.
  • Formula calc: Does not remove double-negation from formulatokens.
  • Formula calc: Value matcher now supports comparisons between DateTime and double. CompileResultFactory includes float type in DataType.Decimal.
  • Formula calc: MultipleRangeCriterasFunction.GetMatchIndexes() looped through max number of rows when a range argument was an entire column now stops as Dimension.End.Row. Fixed a bug in CountIfs function which wasn't working properly with multiple criteria's
  • Formula calc: Support Instance_num parameter of SUBSTITUTE function.