EPPlus 5/6




EPPlus は、Nuget を介して配布されたOffice オープン XMLスプレッドシートを管理するための .NET Framework/.NET コア ライブラリです。バージョン 5 では、バージョン 3.5 から .NET Framework をサポートし、バージョン 2.0 から .NET Core をサポートしています。EPPlus は、Excel などの他のライブラリには依存しません。

ライブラリは開発者を念頭に置いて設計されています。私たちの目標は、Excelやその他のスプレッドシートライブラリの知識を持つ開発者が簡単にAPIをスピードアップする必要があります。または - 誰かが言ったように - 勝利への道を教えてくれます!

EPPlus 5/6のニュース

ワークシートの範囲と表からhtml / cssをエクスポートする 新機能!
ワークシートの範囲とテーブルからjsonデータをエクスポートする 新機能!
以前よりも多くの画像タイプをサポート - svg, ico と webp 新機能!
System.Drawing.Common/GDIへの依存関係を削除 - non-Windows環境でシームレスに動作 新機能!
新しい最新スタイルですべての Excel 2019 グラフの種類をサポート
ピボット テーブルの拡張サポート - フィルター、計算列、および共有キャッシュのサポート
ピボット テーブルスライサーとテーブル スライサー
カスタムのテーブル、ピボット テーブル、スライサーのスタイル
ピボット エリアを使用したピボット テーブルのスタイル設定
数式計算エンジンの改善と 181 の新しいサポート機能
ワークシートへの dynamic/ExpandoObject のインポートと、 LoadFromCollection メソッドの機能を拡張する新しい属性セットのサポート。
I/O 操作の非同期メソッド
テーマ, フィルター, エラーを無視する
拡張ソート - 並べ替え状態、左から右への並べ替え、およびピボット テーブルでの自動並べ替え
Split worksheet into panes
行と列へのアクセスが容易 - Worksheet.Rows, Worksheet.Columns, Range.EntireRow と Range.EntireColumn


General features

  • Create, read and modify Office Open XML workbooks (xslx and xlsm)
  • Supports both .NET Framework and .NET Core. No difference in feature set between the frameworks.
  • Provides an easy to use, strongly typed, programming interface, which is closely related to the well-known Excel VBA API.
  • Managed code only, no dependencies to Microsoft Excel
  • Battle-hardened codebase after many years as the worlds most downloaded .NET library for managing spreadsheets. Quality ensured by thousands of unit-tests.
  • The source code for EPPlus is openly available on Github , distributed under the Polyform Noncommercial license

Performance (large workbook)

EPPlus 5.3.2 creates the following workbook and writes it to disk in approximately 47 seconds (i7 CPU 1.8 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, SSD, Win10, .NET Core 3.1). It loads the same workbook from disk into an ExcelPackage instance in approximately 32 seconds.

  • 200 columns
  • 100,000 rows
  • 50% of the data written to the cells are integers, 50% are strings with a length of 36 characters
  • Workbook size: 65 Mb

Feature list

  • Workbook
    • Document/Printer settings
  • Worksheets
    • Supports 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns
    • Add, remove, re-order, rename, hide/unhide worksheets in a workbook
    • Copy worksheets within a workbook or to another workbook with maintained styling and shifting of addresses/references.
    • Print areas
    • Header/Footer
    • Page breaks
    • Split/Freeze/unfreeze panes
    • Merge cells
    • Autofit columns
    • Altering worksheet properties such as gridlines, tab colors, etc.
  • Cell Ranges
    • Create, modify, delete, hide/unhide cells or entire ranges
    • Access to Row and Column properties via the EntireRow and EntireColumn properties
    • Sort ranges
      • Multiple sort params
      • Sort Top to Bottom (by column)
      • Sort Left to Right (by row)
      • Ascending, Descending or User defined (Custom List) sortorder.
      • Updates Sort State in the Office Open XML.
    • Insert/delete ranges - depending addresses will be shifted.
    • Copy ranges to a new address with maintained styling and addresses/reference shifting within a workbook or to another workbook. Exclude different cell properties in the copy operation.
    • Copy styles only.
    • Fill ranges
      • FillNumber
      • FillDateTime
      • FillList
    • Named ranges
    • The cell store supports IEnumerable, so Cells/Ranges can be queried with Linq
  • Cell Styling
    • Number
    • Alignment
    • Font
    • Fill
    • Border
    • Protection
    • Wrap text, text rotations and more
    • Named Styles
  • Formula calculation
    • Built-in calculation engine with no dependency to Excel or any other library
    • Calculate entire workbook, a worksheet or a single range
    • Supports 337 of the most common functions
    • Calculates External links
    • Support for named ranges and the R1C1 format.
    • Add custom functions in runtime
  • Import/export data to and from worksheets
    • Import data into a formatted table from enumerables of objects, arrays, DataSets, DataReaders, text-files, etc., with just one line of code.
    • Export data to csv files, strings, json, html/css, data tables or streams with many configuration parameters
  • Supports load and save from/to both files and streams
    • Can create workbooks in a web application and write to the response stream without file access.
    • Get workbook as byte-array
    • Supports async/await
  • Templates
  • Auto filters/Table Filters
    • Create, read, modify, apply and delete filters of the types below:
      • Value filters
      • Date/Time filters
      • Custom filters
      • Top 10 filters
      • Dynamic filters
  • Data validation
    • Create, read, modify, delete Data validations
    • Types of validations supported: Integer (whole in Excel), Decimal, List, Date, Time, Any and Custom.
    • Strongly typed interface for each validation type
  • Conditional Formatting
    • Create, read, modify Conditional formatting
    • 45 types of conditional formatting supported
    • Strongly typed interface for each conditional formatting type
  • Tables
    • 60 predefined styles
    • Create and modify custom table styles from scratch or using a built-in style as template.
    • Sort table with updated sort state
    • Support for adding and deleting rows/columns (with shifting)
    • Total row with predefined functions (supported by the built-in Formula calculation)
    • Adding, modifying and applying filters
    • Adding, modifying or removing table slicers
    • Export table to a System.Data.DataTable
    • Export table to a JSON
    • Export table to html/css
  • Pivot Tables
    • 84 predefined styles
    • Create and modify custom pivot table styles from scratch or using a built-in style as template.
    • Style your pivot table using pivot areas
    • Add, modify or remove row, column, page and data fields.
    • Support for 12 different data field functions.
    • Support for numeric and date grouping
    • Adding calculated fields
    • Support for adding, modifying filters.
    • Adding, modifying or removing pivot table slicers
  • Slicers
    • Adding, modifying or removing table- and pivot table- slicers
    • 14 predefined styles
    • Create and modify custom slicer styles from scratch or using a built-in style as template.
  • Hyperlinks
  • Comments
    • Create, read, modify and delete comments (in later Excel versions renamed to Notes)
    • Rich-text supported
    • Threaded comments with support for mentions, resolve/re-open threads
  • Shapes
    • 187 different types of shapes supported
    • Position, size, border, text, styling, color/gradient/effect/shadow, etc
  • Pictures
    • Supports adding images from file, stream or a System.Drawing.Image object
    • Formats: jpg, gif, png, tiff, bmp, emf (Windows only), wmf (Windows only)
  • Form Controls
    • Supports adding, modifying and removing nine different types of form controls
    • Support to connect controls to VBA macros, link to cells and more.
  • Charts
  • Sparklines
    • Create, read, modify and delete Sparklines
    • Line
    • Column
    • Win/loss
  • Themes
    • Load themes from thmx-files
    • Modify current theme
  • External Links
    • Updating the external workbook cache (xlsx, xlsm and xlst).
    • Adding references to external workbooks.
    • Breaking links to external workbooks.
    • Retaining OLE and DDE links (available read only).
    • Formula calculation via the external workbook cache or via loading and calculating the external package directly.
  • Protection
    • Protect workbooks with password
    • Open protected workbooks with password
    • Protect workbook, worksheets or ranges
    • Set workbooks to read-only with a password
  • Encryption
    • Encrypt/decrypt workbooks
    • Supports both Standard (Older office versions) and Agile encryption (Office 2010 and later)
  • VBA
    • Create, read, delete, modify VBA code/modules
    • Sign VBA code with certificates
    • Password protect VBA projects
  • Supported formats
    • Reads and writes xlsx, xlsm. Please note that EPPlus does not support the xlsx Strict format.
    • Reads xltx, crtx, thmx
    • Reads and writes txt, csv via the LoadFromText and SaveToText methods