EPPlus 5/6

Features - charts

Charts in EPPlus 5/6

EPPlus 5/6 has many new chart types and possibilities to style them compared to previous versions. All the examples below are screenshots from workbooks created with EPPlus 5/6 in our Sample projects.

These workbooks are from sample 15 and are available for download below.

Our sample project can be found here.
.NET Core , .NET Framework

New chart types in EPPlus 5.2

Box & Whisker


Histogram with Pareto line

Region Map





Other new chart types in EPPlus 5/6

Area chart

This area chart uses the new feature to apply chart style templates (.ctrx files). Ctrx files can be exported from Excel.

            //Add an Area chart from a template file. The crtx file has it's own theme, so it does not change if you apply another theme.
            var templateFile = new FileInfo("AreaChartStyle3.crtx");
            var areaChart = (ExcelAreaChart)ws.Drawings.AddChartFromTemplate(templateFile, "areaChart");

Bar charts

This 3D bar chart uses chart style 9 and the colorful palette 3

            //Set style 9 and Colorful Palette 3.
            chart.StyleManager.SetChartStyle(ePresetChartStyle.Column3dChartStyle9, ePresetChartColors.ColorfulPalette3);

Bubble charts

These bubble chart sheets are from sample 15 and shows the different appearances depending on the theme

Bubble charts (with integral theme)

Here are a few more screenshots from the sample project showing different chart styles.

Column charts (3D), Sample 15

Doughnut Charts, Sample 20

Line Charts, Sample 15 & 17

Pie Charts, Sample 7, 18 & 20

Pivot Charts

Radar Charts, Sample 15

Radar Charts (integral theme)

Scatter Chart with trendline, Sample 15