EPPlus 5/6

Features and technical overview

Fill methods and enhanced Copy on ranges

Fill ranges

Three new methods have been added to the ExcelRange class to fill values:

  • FillNumber
  • FillDateTime
  • FillList

For more details see this wiki page: Fill ranges

Copy ranges

EPPlus 5.8 adds several new options to the Copy method to exclude cell properties.

  • ExcludeFormulas
  • ExcludeValues
  • ExcludeStyles
  • ExcludeComments
  • ExcludeThreadedComments
  • ExcludeHyperLinks
  • ExcludeMergedCells
  • ExcludeDataValidations
  • ExcludeConditionalFormatting
Functionality to copy conditional formatting and data validations has also been implemented.

The CopyStyles method has also been added to ExcelRange.

For more details see this wiki page: Copy ranges

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