EPPlus 5/6

Features and technical overview

Form controls and grouping of drawing objects


EPPlus 5.5 supports adding, modifying and removing nine different types of form controls.
Supported form controls are:

  • Buttons
  • Drop-Downs
  • List Boxes
  • Check Boxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Spin Buttons
  • Scroll Bars
  • Labels
  • Group Boxes

Form controls are added via the worksheets forms collection using the AddControl method or it's typed variant.
Here we add a button and connect it to a vba macro:

                var button = formSheet.Drawings.AddButtonControl("ExportButton");
                button.Text = "Make Reservation";
                button.Macro = "ExportButton_Click";
                button.SetPosition(15, 0, 1, 0);
                button.AutomaticSize = true;

Drawings can also be grouped/ungrouped using the new Group and Ungroup method available on all drawings

                //Add a group box and four option boxes to select room type
                var grpBox = formSheet.Drawings.AddGroupBoxControl("GroupBox 1");
                grpBox.Text = "Room types";
                grpBox.SetPosition(5, 8, 1, 1);
                grpBox.SetSize(150, 80);

                var r1 = formSheet.Drawings.AddRadioButtonControl("OptionSingleRoom");
                r1.Text = "Single Room";
                r1.FirstButton = true;
                r1.LinkedCell = formSheet.Cells["C7"];
                r1.SetPosition(5, 15, 1, 5);

                var r2 = formSheet.Drawings.AddRadioButtonControl("OptionDoubleRoom");
                r2.Text = "Double Room";
                r2.LinkedCell = formSheet.Cells["C7"];
                r2.SetPosition(6, 15, 1, 5);
                r2.Checked = true;
                //This will group the groupbox and the radio buttons together as one unit.
                var grp = grpBox.Group(r1, r2);

Check out this wiki article or sample 26 for more details.
.NET Core , .NET Framework